Methodology for the Teaching of Subjects through the means of English

Methodology for the Teaching of Subjects through the means of English

Adolfo Meca González

Profesor de Matemáticas de Secundaria y Bachillerato en el Colegio León XIII.

Adolfo Meca en el curso de Erasmus+ en Dublín.



El curso tiene por nombre ¨CLIL (Content & Language Integrated Learning) Methodology for the Teaching of Subjects through the means of English¨. Se imparte en Dublín (del 9 al 20 de julio de 2018).

Está diseñado para maestros de primaria y profesores de secundaria que pretendemos desarrollar una metodología innovadora para enseñar materias a través del inglés, mientras mejoramos nuestras habilidades en este idioma.


Por un lado, mejorar mis habilidades de comunicación en inglés y desarrollar el lenguaje para la clase. Por otro lado, explorar el potencial de un enfoque de trabajo-proyecto basado en la investigación para AICLE (CLIL) a través de ideas prácticas para el aula. Otro aspecto importante es el poder intercambiar ideas sobre enseñanza con docentes de centros de varios países europeos y por qué no, encontrar un punto de encuentro para la futura participación en asociaciones y proyectos escolares europeos.


Day 1


On this first day I have experienced a lot of sensations. Positives on the one hand, by enjoying the environment, my teachers, the diversity of nationalities of my classmates and the interesting presentation that Jessica Fahy has done about history and culture of Ireland. But on the other hand, I felt a bit of discomfort when I found out that my English skills are a bit untrained. However, I’m optimistic and I hope this improves in the coming days.

Jornada de bienvenida

Day 2


Today we had a first approach to what CLIL learning is; the importance of the rules of the 4C`s and the 3A`s, etc. Also, we have been explained how we should face our tasks for the course. At the beginning, groups have been configured as heterogeneous as possible in terms of nationalities. Very happy with my colleagues. They are from Italy and Poland.

Day 3


Today we have continued with our approach to what CLIL learning is. At the beginning all the components of each group have been changed so that we can work and get to know everyone. The importance of HOTS versus LOTS has been explained to us. And to finish we had a first approach to scaffolding, what it is, what tools we can use to help, and its importance.

Day 4


Today we have finished deepening and seeing more tools to do scaffolding such as speaking, reading and writing frames, recycling vocabulary, reading sub-skills, etc.

Day 5


We have been looking at different applications and very useful computer programs to apply with our students, both from the teacher Stephanie Kelly, and from our colleagues who have wanted to say and make a small presentation about what they use. As an example of those that I personally have found most interesting, I would cite: Kahoot, quizlet, timeline, wordreference, mindy, padlet, etc.

En uno de los descansos con los compañeros de curso

Day 6


Differentiation as an organized and flexible way of adjusting teaching and learning methods to accommodate each child’s learning needs and preferences in order to achieve his or her maximum growth as a learner. He have seen differences between goals of differentiation and ways to differentiate learning: Core tasks, extension tasks and modified tasks.

Fin de semana conociendo Dublin .

Day 7


Assessment in CLIL. Types, tools, AFL vs AOL. Main instruments.

Day 8


Putting it all together: Crossword Planning a CLIL lesson. Preparation of a presentation on what we have learned about Ireland regarding what we had asked in the KWL chart.

Day 9


Each group have presented their CLIL lesson. Then we have exposed the whole class the presentation about what we have learned from Ireland (from the KWL chart). Philip has also proposed that we brainstorm about mental maps about challenges ahead, what we have learned that we can disseminate (WW ahead) and about the next steps we must take once we have returned to our schools.

Day 10


Firstly Eduardo has given us a talk about the importance of the dissemination of our learning at many and varied levels. The importance of the European dimension. Then the presentation of works of each group and the different courses that have been very interesting in their majority have been exposed. Finally, and after saying goodbye to everyone, we got our FULLCOLOUR CERTIFICATE !!

Recogida de Títulos

A final overview of my experience in this Erasmus+ Continuous Professional Development programme

I could not imagine, even if I tried, the wonderful experience I could experience here. Both the organization, with Eduardo at the head (one of the most enthusiastic and incredible people I’ve ever met in my life), as teachers, classmates of so many nationalities, and this wonderful country that is Ireland.

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best experiences in my life. With desire to repeat in the realization of other courses (also I have much to improve in my English).

Thank you very much everyone, thank you very much Eduardo!

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